Driver Global Construction Consultancy

Driver Trett provides high-quality consultancy services to international engineering and construction industries.


We are a multi-disciplinary consultancy which provides specialist commercial management, planning, programming and scheduling, and dispute resolution support services.


Our services are client focused, complete commercial solutions. We rigorously maintain our standards in supporting our clients from project inception, pre-contract preparation, tendering, and procurement through the build phase and managing change right through to completion and agreement of the final accounts.


Our experienced, and highly committed team, are dedicated to delivering our services on time and within budget, either as a standalone service or as part of an integrated team with our clients' existing commercial and construction management.


The Driver Trett team ‘make the difference’ in delivering robust and dynamic commercial solutions. 

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How we deliver

Driver Trett offer a consistent and managed approach to our clients to ensure effective support and delivery of our services.

The delivery of any engineering and construction project, whether global or regional, will present a series of challenges. It will be difficult to complete the project on time, to the required levels of quality, and at the same time making sure all aspects of the commercial elements of the construction industry process are delivered and complied with. more

Driver Global Construction Consultancy